UF Campus Map Redesign
Marketing ∙ Map Design∙ Presentation Design
If you’ve ever visited a university campus, I’m sure you're familiar with an important wayfinding device: the campus map. The campus map is an excellent marketing tool that offers both valuable information and an introduction to the University. In early August of 2022, I was presented the opportunity to propose an update for The University of Florida’s campus map—prior to this update, the maps had not been refreshed since 2018. This posed a challenge, because the map data was out of date—as the campus evolves the map data is continually ever-changing. By the time most printed map designs are distributed, the data is no longer fully accurate. To overcome this challenge, our team proposed a new solution: a digitally integrated campus map. Along with the visual update for alignment with the current UF brand platform, this innovation connected the printed campus map with our online map through the use of a QR code. As part of the design process, I developed the initial design concepts, created proposal presentations and presented to stakeholders across campus, and built out the final design packages. The final campus map deliverables consisted of 3.5” x 2.0” card size, a 4.0” x 9.0” handout, an 8.5” x 11” print-on-demand map, 6” x 6” window clings, print guidelines, and several templates available to campus communicators.
2023. Created for the University of Florida. Made with the Adobe Creative Suite.
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