Polaire du Nord Coffee Packaging
Visual Identity ∙ Logo Design ∙ Packaging 
Polaire du Nord, meaning "polar north", is a coffee brand based in Oviedo, FL. In September of 2020, I had the pleasure of developing the brand identity for Polaire du Nord and a full line packaging. This included creating a logo, identifying brand typefaces, crafting icons, and designing the product packaging. I overcame several challenges while creating this design, and conducted in-depth research to present the best solutions. One major challenge came about when selecting colors and patterns for the packaging; I wanted to build something cohesive that could extend across a line of products, even as the line continues to grow. I proposed the use of an organic shape with bold colors that reflects the makeup of the Aurora Borealis. This worked to weave the package design and brand together to create a unified visual identity.​​​​​​​
2020. Created for Polaire du Nord Coffee. Made with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimension.
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