University of Central Florida Grad Fair (2021)
Branding ∙ Promotional Graphics ∙ Social Media
Grad Fair is an annual event hosted by the University of Central Florida which offers a series of open houses that give students an opportunity to learn about specific graduate departments and programs. In 2021, the event was offered over several days via a virtual platform. As part of my work for the College of Graduate studies, I had the opportunity to refresh the event branding for 2021. I began by developing the logo—previously, the design included the year. This meant that every year the logo would need to be updated, and it wouldn't maintain brand awareness. My solution to this challenge was to refresh a previously-rejected design from our archives, and give it a new life. In addition, I created several series of social media packages, custom iconography, a website banner, a Zoom background, and print collateral for this event.
2021. Created for the UCF College of Graduate Studies. Made with the Adobe Creative Suite.
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