Centric Magazine (Fall 2021)
Art Direction ∙ Editorial Design ∙ Branding
In fall of 2021, I was invited to work as the Art Director for the University of Central Florida's student-published magazine, Centric. Being my first position as an art director, I learned much during my time with the Centric staff; I worked with the two managing editors to establish the content and magazine branding, oversaw the design of all spreads, illustrated custom artwork for the cover, sourced illustrations from freelance designers, and collaborated on all other aspects of the publication. By early November, 1,000 magazines were printed locally and distributed across campus. While working with the team and receiving guidance from my mentor, Patrick Greenish, Art Director for Highlights magazine, I enjoyed seeing the magazine come to life while developing new skills along the way.
2021. Created for Centric Magazine. Made with the Adobe Creative Suite.
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